The Structure. The plan. The execution

In business, just as in life we all need a plan, and a structure and we all need to get things done. My number ONE business tip is to always plan plan plan plan, every single day. There are fundamental tasks we need to do in our business, however, there are things we also must do which are less favourable to us, perhaps even mundane and they tend to fall by the wayside. We go to bed at night with thoughts in our minds worrying about what we must do tomorrow. One of the biggest things I’ve learned in business that has made me successful is that I always go to bed with a plan for the next day. It’s called a daily method of operation also known as DMO, so this is literally the Bible of work for your next day. A DMO is a simple to-do list of tasks that you need to action in order to complete your business day. However, these tasks need to be income-producing activities, not just any tasks. Always prioritise income-producing activities before you tackle all else on your list. Simply make a six list’, six things you need to action and complete tomorrow for you to stay consistent in your business. We all know that we can start our day with the best intentions, but soon, with distractions, unplanned interruptions, and delays, you end up doing the quickest or less labour-intensive tasks.

A DMO, helps you stay focused, structured, organised, and consistent in tackling those income-producing tasks first. Ticking off those six tasks on your DMO each day relieves pressure, takes the weight off your mind, and leaves you to go to bed peaceful and feeling amazing, having accomplished productive tasks. Take note of this. Each day, you automatically action a daily list of DMO tasks like getting up, brushing your teeth, dropping the kids to school, doing the food shopping, etc. Your subconscious brain has been trained to do these tasks without much thought and you don’t skip them because they are integral in the smooth running of your personal and family life. All you need to do is action your business DMO and before you know it, this habit will be as automatic as brushing your teeth. Each evening (not at bedtime) you can open your notes on your phone and write your ‘six list’. The following morning, begin by checking your list, and actioning those items first in order of priority in case you run out of time to complete all six tasks. There is no better feeling than to go to bed at night feeling accomplished, that you have achieved what you set out to do, and money is flowing in, allowing you to work on other plans. One piece of advice. When you look at your list, pick the task you dread or fear the most, and do it first. Get that one out of the way before you tackle anything else. Avoiding it just moves it on tomorrow’s list and causes unnecessary anxiety and worry. Do it first, get rid of it and you will not only feel amazing, but you will feel energised. Start the day with the hardest tasks and the day will flow beautifully, trust me, I am a success coach. Make sure your list is very specific and measurable. Do not set yourself a target to sell a product or take on a client as this is something you cannot control. What you can control is what you measure yourself on, so how many people can you speak to? Etc Everything needs to be measurable so you can tick it off. For most businesses, the DMO can stay the same each day with very fine tweaks along the way. The list can grow as you grow in your business but the key to a DMO is consistency as well as achieving and going to bed feeling proud. So, my advice to you is to start now making that six list, create that DMO, stay structured and focused, and achieve. Contact now to get expert life coaching.

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