The power of coaching

Many years ago we called this leadership, in todays world it’s known as coaching ! Coaching was traditionally originally for those who were sporting athletes etc, However along came the world and the mind of possibility and creation which is where the world of coaches were born.

Over the past twenty years we turned to therapy to enable us to communicate however now we have transformed into accepting coaches into our lives. Coaching enables us to be trained, taught, supported and mentored to our hearts and dreams desires, unlike therapy where you can pay for 5 years of talking and have not moved forward in your life financially or professionally.

Coaching allows professional coaches to go to places you haven’t been before, fearless coaches will never be afraid to call you out, they are their to work with you hand in hand, and will be your biggest listener. They will Support you in your personal growth, identify key factors to make you grow in the way you desire to grow. Being a success coach, running a tailor made bespoke private and intimate coaching people into success it’s been a total joy to go in deep with my clients and see what they didn’t think they can see, allow them and show them the way to make the dreams actually become real, educate and show them how to run their own business more profitable but giving them the home life balance where they can have it all! Running a business is hard work, being a parent is hard work, it’s channeling that hard work into productive work where you can achieve with the guidance every week, and more importantly learning and having that accountability to make you be better, be stronger and be more ! In my coaching programme I can promise to see my clients as the powerful people they are even when situations happen out of their control and no matter what for them knowing there is someone over here who believes in how powerful they already are. Emma Jones The Success Coach.

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