Failing Forward

In business we hear this all the time fail forward, fail forward, fail forward, but what does it actually mean?

So let’s bring this back straight to when we were children, when we were toddlers and let’s remember either as a parent or having younger siblings or being around young children if you haven’t had your own that you get to watch children grow through different stages.

When a child is learning to walk they never get up first time and walk the street. How many times do they stand-up to bounce down? (far too many to count) what children are is totally fearless they do not understand the concept of fear and the concept of failing so regardless what they’re learning at any one time they will continue to keep going, keep going, keep going.

As we get older through the universe we learn that failure is a bad thing it is in our default setting but if we fail at something first time we’re not meant to do it however if this was the case we wouldn’t be walking, talking l, or even able to eat food or anything we are able to do as a human is self taught and learned behaviour.

The behaviour in failing is one of the biggest negative mindsets that we can have, we need to retrain the subconscious mind to actually want to fail in life because in order to succeed in life will be when you are able to truly fail in anything that you do. When we are in business there are many aspects in business that we are not able to do however we learn to do it and we have to learn to do it in a way that we are going to fail, Remember we want the fails, we need the fails and now remember the land of success only lives in the land of fails you cannot get there without failing forward!

You must truly take the time to sit back and reflect on your life and the things that you have done / succeeded and how you have failed but now you are an absolute monster at achieving it

The amount of times you have naturally let yourself fail to win!

Remember failing only lives in the land of success, failing will truly serve you in life and business moving forward !

You are not expected to know everything in business, you will have your strengths where you are the total warrior of, but identifying the weaknesses to learn to become the strength you will have to accept you are going to fail to nail it

Allow your self to truly fail over and over and over because only when you allow yourself to fail and you truly get better into the Land of pure success !

Fail forward and always remember BE YOU.

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